CAPTURA QAAPT is an open-source web platform developed by CAPTURA for the analysis of AMR data.

Welcome to QAAPT

To assist in interpretation and visualization of AMR data, CAPTURA is working on developing the QAAPT application. QAAPT is intended for use by decision-makers, such as healthcare professionals and national AMR coordinators, engaged in AMR surveillance. It is possible for users to analyze AMR data and generate dashboards to display AMR patterns, trends and antibiograms.
  • Quickly analyze AMR secondary datasets that have been taken from WHONET, any other EHR, and manually entered datasets.
  • Install on any web server, including local computers, cloud servers, shared hosting servers, and organization-owned servers.
  • Assist different tiers of AMR data users and decision-makers in LMICs in making data-driven decisions rapidly.

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Manage multiple projects and datasets

QAAPT allows you to upload multple datasets that might be export from WHONET or any other LIS.

Import raw data dicrectly from CSV

Users can upload WHONET isolates or others CSV datasets directly in this platform.

Automatically determine clinical R/I/S categories

QAAPT can determine R/I/S as well as Zone of Inhibination values.

Explore data using advanced filters

Multiple search option will allow you to filter specific organisms or specimens.

Donwload reports as different formats as graphs, tables

QAAPT allows to download reports as PNG, JPG, EXCEL, CSV, PDF, and TABLE.

Generate Hospital Antibiogram by a single click

You can regularly generate your Hospital antibiogram by a single click.

Observe registance patterns over the priod

QAAPT allows to plot resistance patterns over the period of your dataset.

Observe susceptibility trends over the priod

You can see the susceptibility patterns of the multiple organisms over the period.

Interoperability with WHONET datasets

It can read WHONET dataset every easily and quichly. Export and upload WHONET file in QAAPT.

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How it works


Export WHONET Data as CSV

QAAPT allows you to export WHONET dataset from the "Data Analysis" module as well as QSLite Database Browser.

Visit QAAPT App and Login

You can create your own account and import datasets to analyze. No one will be authorized to access your dataset.

Import WHONET Dataset into QAAPT

After exporting the CSV file from WHONET, you require to login into QAAPT dashboard and import the dataset.

Select dataset and generate dashboard

In this final stage, you can select your datasets and observe dashboard reports.

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